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  • Manuka Honey Stick

    • 100% Australian manuka honey.
    • Easily carried, single serving packaging.
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  • SINICARE 5X Balance 240s


    This scientifically validated product contain 5 herbs traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine that may help balance blood sugar in healthy individuals.
    This product may assist to boost your energy levels through the metabolism of foods, in healthy individuals.

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  • Sinicare Active GLM 18750

    • Reduce Symptoms of Mild Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.
    • Joint Relief
    • Additional VitaminD3
    • Additional Vitamin K1
    • Hard Vegetable capsules packaged in blister packs.
    • 180capsule (6 months supply) and 30 capsule (1 month supply) options.
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  • Sinicare Colostrum For Kids

    • Support Body’s Immune System – sinicare’s colostrum for kids is rich in immunoglobulins G which could promote immunity and maintain healthy immune system health.
    • Promote Growth – colostrum contains rich growth factors which could stimulate growth of muscle and bone.
    • Boost Intelligence Development – special kids formula to develop your kids’ brain & intelligence.
    • Vanilla Flavour – kids enjoy to take this yummy chewable tablets
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  • Sinicare EPO 1000mg

    • Daily Dietary Supplement
    • Good Source of Omega 6 Fatty acid gamma- Linolenic (GLA)
    • Natural Ingredient supplement.
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  • Sinicare Green Propolis Candy

    • Australian Green Propolis & Australian Manuka Honey MGO900+ 
    • Additional ingredients: Eucalyptus and Lemon.
    • Sweet, yet refreshing flavor.
    • 45 candy included.
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  • Sinicare MP12 Premium Gold

    • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol
    • natural liver cleansing/detoxification processes
    • Helps maintain healthy liver function
    • Helps maintain healthy thyroid hormones
    • 30 Capsules: Take 1 capsule daily
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  • Sinicare Royal Jelly 1000mg

    • Supporting balance and vitality.
    • Natural superfood and highly nutritious.
    • Highly concentrated.
    • Australian made.
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  • Sinicare Ultimate Propolis 3700mg

    • Relief to the symptoms of cold and flu
    • Bring relief and assist to reduce the symptoms of colds & flu
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