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Sinicare Ultimate Propolis 3700mg


  • Relief to the symptoms of cold and flu
  • Bring relief and assist to reduce the symptoms of colds & flu

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Bees produce a compound called propolis from the sap on needle-leaved trees or evergreens. When they combine the sap and beeswax, it creates a sticky, greenish-brown product used as a coating of the hive as a protection from external bacterial, viruses and fungus. For thousands of years propolis was extracted and utilised for those antibacterial properties. The item has been developed by the Sinicare team and has been tested and has been approved to relief to the symptoms of cold and flu.

Each Capsule Contains:
Propolis dry extract 740mg
equiv. to propolis 3700mg

This is a bee product. Consult with your healthcare professional, if consumed and symptoms occur and persist, discontinue use.

Packaging Description:
Capsules are packaged, and air sealed in blister packs.

Store below 25 C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.


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