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Sinicare’s must Essential Combo

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Sinicare’s Winter Essential Combo

24k Gold Serum

Evermore Paw paw nourishing Cream

Paw paw Ointment

Quandong Anti-oxidant Skin Serum

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24k Gold Serum : Placenta 24K Gold Serum is an anti-ageing face serum which contains a rich blend of active ingredients.
Placenta, Gold, EGF, Peptide and Collagen helps restore skin texture and elasticity and brings youthfulness to your skin, while placenta extract smoothes skin tone and provides long- lasting hydration to tired complexion.

Evermore Paw Paw Nourishing Cream: Daily use of Pawpaw Almighty Nourishing Cream helps you to restore your skin confidence with moisture and vitality.

Paw paw Ointment: With Tea Tree & Manuka Honey & Vitamin E

Quandong Anti-oxidant Skin Serum: Skin Brightening , Controls oil, Makes skin naturally glowing, hydrates the skin, Smoothest the skin, Reduces spots, Penetrates deep into the skin to help moisturize and glow dull skin, Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines.



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